Light - Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn Lamp

The unicorn retains its mystery and fascination. Mythical animal, fantasy, body light, symbol of strength, wisdom, longevity, magnified by «The Lady and the Unicorn» tapestry, The Unicorn lamp draws its references from the dream world of Jean Cocteau.

An powerful piece with sensual softness, the animal’s head is made of Limoges porcelain by porcelain artist, the horn is in opaline, covered with twisted glass blowned by glass craftsman, a tribute to the French know-how.

Length 74.5 cm (29.33’’), Height 57.5 cm (22.63’’), width 17 cm (6.69’’), Weight approx. 6 kg (13.760 lb).

Available as wall lamp. System LED provided - white light.
Consumption approx. 3W.